Thanks to decades of professional experience with businesses, First Nations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions, the WildMap consulting team provides an integrated suite of environmental, community development and communication services that enables clients to successfully carry out their projects.


Our environmental services include environmental impact and risk assessment for industry and/or community projects, ecosystem and land use mapping, aquatic/wildlife resources management and conservation, comparative site evaluation, water/soil quality assessment and monitoring, data analyses, statistical modeling, and technical reporting.

Community development

Our community development services include capacity building through specialized training and professional workshops, facilitating interest-based consultations with stakeholders, designing long term strategic plans, assisting communities in their transition to organizational methods that improve efficiency, organizing special events, and providing individual and community-based sustainability solutions.


Our communication services include proposal development, grant writing, outreach program design and implementation, social media advising, radio/TV advertising, and professional training on networking and academic and technical writing.