Agnès Pelletier, Ph.D., Environmental Biologist

Agnès specializes in environmental monitoring, wildlife ecology, natural resource management, and partnership building. She conducts Environmental Impact Assessments for industry projects, and when applicable, monitors the applications of mitigation actions to comply with environmental regulations. In association with these projects, she has developed soil protection measures, wildlife protection measures, re-vegetation plans, water management plans, and noise management plans. Her wildlife background led her to conduct multi-year monitoring of populations of game and at-risk species, including large carnivores, ungulates, small mammals, and marine mammals. She provided expert advice on the management and conservation of black bears, snow leopards, white-tailed deer and humpback whales thanks to her forecasting studies of demographic, genetic and habitat data. She has used her communication and technical skills to build international partnerships between local organizations, businesses and communities located in Central Asia, Europe and North America. She now focuses on using these skills to increase environmentally-related capacity-building in First Nation communities.


Narratives Inc.

Ebb and Flow First Nation

Blue Dragon Consulting

Fish Biology and Aquatic Conservation Lab, University of Winnipeg

Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, University of Winnipeg

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